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At Pentonix Freight the goal of our streamlined services is to revolutionize the way our clients manage their supply chain and logistics operations. With our help we enable businesses to focus on their core competencies and reach their operational and financial goals.

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Our company offers a wide range of solutions for your company’s needs. Our services include

  • Managed Logistics

Our managed logistics solution improves your supply chain through carrier selection design, logistics operations analysis, and load optimization analysis. A team of experts will monitor and manage your account to achieve your business financial goals.

  • Transportation Management System

We are partnered with 3GTMS to provide our customers a leading industry TMS software. Our software seamlessly manages the full transportation life-cycle including: rating, routing, tendering, tracking, tracing and settlement.

  • Freight Brokerage

We work with shippers to find fast and responsive logistic support to ship their goods on time. Offered services include: Expedited and Over Dimension, Less than Truckload, and dedicated Truckload.

  • Dispatching Services

We enable owner operators to focus on their core function while we handle the administrative burden. We provide dispatching services, lane optimization, and administrative support from booking to invoicing loads.

Advantages of Working With Us

Our team is committed to providing only the best for the companies that we work with. Aside from our dedication to satisfying our customers, there are other qualities that give us a competitive advantage.


Dedicated Logistics Experts

We have knowledgeable logistics personnel who will help you manage your shipping needs. Our team will learn and understand your transportation patterns and the industry behavior to get you the best service possible.

Attention to Detail

We review, understand, and meet each need of every shipment from pick up to delivery. We will monitor all your loads simultaneously and ensure that coverage, timely delivery, and special instructions and followed.

Continuous Improvement

Our team utilizes data to advise on noticed opportunities for improvement in operations, processes, and costs. We strive to improve in all that we do.


Carrier Oversight

Our company keeps carriers honest using carrier score cards and management tools. We monitor them in our network and ensure that they are providing the service and capacity our customers require to perform at a high level.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Software

We are partnered with the 3GTMS to provide our customers with a user-friendly interface that provides exactly what is needed when it is required. Our system can integrate with a lot of other different makes and models of devices.

Reduce Logistics Spend

We leverage our shipment volumes with carriers and maximize available capacity. We also consolidate loads into multi-stop shipments to increase cost savings.

Improve Your Supply Chain With Us

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